Easy and visual way
of musculoskeletal
system checkup

Computer technology creates
a digital twin of a person’s body
right in a smartphone
in the Largest State
Center of Msk Services

patients recovered
world Champions
brilliant results

young athletes
working out at
23 Sports Clubs
Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics, and Endoprosthetics in Smolensk uses Musculus.ai to

  • make post-surgery recovery stage 2 time faster
  • save working hours of top specialists so they can focus on really hard cases
  • detect even smallest problems and treat them with no delay
  • record full therapy process so both a patient and a doctor have the same understanding of how it goes

More than 1000 athletes use fast and easy diagnostics with Musculus to minimize traumas and pain in the future

  • 2 Olympic medalists
  • 12 World Champions
  • 4 Russian National Teams
  • 5 State Sport Federations
  • 16 professional sport clubs

No sensors, wearables, or hardware
Just put a camera on a person and artificial intelligence will build a precise digital copy of their body, namely, his whole musculoskeletal system
Computer runs a comprehensive diagnostics, finds msk disorders, potential or already existing, and highlights which of them need closer attention of a specialist
Musculus.AI can customize training routine, make sure all the exercises are done correctly, and keep track of personal progress
Simply, this technology helps to get a strong and healthy musculoskeletal system which means quality and happy life
points on the human body
preset exercises and movements
number of your own exercises powered by Musculus engine

  • For post-surgery recovery process
  • For recovery after injuries
  • For monitoring children's health and development of musculoskeletal system while they grow up
  • For improving sport results in professional sports
  • For preventative musculoskeletal care
  • For remote medical care
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